Learning Enrichment

You want the very BEST for your child.

So do we.

This is why we continually invest in making sure your children’s lives are enriched while attending The Son Rise School. Our teachers, facilities, and curriculum meet the highest standards and expectations. When you enroll your children at The Son Rise School, you can be confident they are receiving the highest quality care and education.

Three ways The Son Rise School enriches your child:

Faith-based curriculum

We choose curriculum designed to encourage children to experience God’s love and to develop Christian morals and values that can be applied to all areas of life and experience. Stories, activities, songs, group time, and prayer time are all focused on teaching children the love of Christ.

Additional curriculum includes Frog Street (for infants and toddlers) and Scholastic Pre K On My Way (for Pre-K).

Texas Rising Star Certification

The Texas Rising Star program is “a voluntary, quality-based child care rating system of child care providers participating in the Texas Workforce Commission’s subsidized child care program. TRS Certification is available to Licensed Center and Licensed and Registered Child Care Home providers who meet the certification criteria. The TRS Provider certification system offers three levels of certification (Two-, Three-, and Four-Star) to encourage providers to attain progressively higher certification requirements leading to a Four-Star level” (About TRS). The Son Rise School is a FOUR-Star Certified Texas Rising Star Child Care Provider.  

Texas School Ready

Texas School Ready is a comprehensive initiative to prepare pre-school children for school. Texas School Ready certification requires teacher training in research-based curriculum and methods along with continuing professional development. 

Teachers at The Son Rise School are Texas School Ready certified. Children learn language skills including letter recognition, syllables, rhyming, alliteration, and parts of a book; math concepts including recognizing and writing numbers, sequences, patterns, and correlations; science concepts including weather, hands-on experiments with measurements, reasoning, testing, and predictions; and many other skills necessary to begin school in the state of Texas. Three times during the year, we assess the progress of the 3- and 4-year-old children to determine how they have progressed in their learning and which skills need additonal attention. 

Enriching education plus outstanding care

Any of our teachers will be happy to visit with you about your child’s progress. If you would like to set up a Parent-Teacher conference, please talk to your child’s teacher or to the Center Director. You may also call or email to set up a conference time. Please refer to the Parent/Teacher Conference section of our Handbook to learn more about our scheduled conference times.

We are conveniently located to serve families in the Longview, Kilgore, and Tatum areas. We invite you and your children to join our Son Rise School family.

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