Financial Aid

Get help paying for your child’s tuition

If you need help paying for your child’s education, don’t worry!

The Son Rise School works hand-in-hand with Workforce East Texas Child Care Services to provide you with financial aid options to ensure your child can attend school. Workforce East Texas Child Care Services receives funds to help families reduce the cost of childcare services. 

If you are interested in learning more about financial aid and seeing whether your family qualifies, please call,

Texas Workforce
Longview Office: 903-234-9040
2430 High St
Longview, TX 75602

The requirements are summarized below to help you get started. Your child’s early education plays an important role in their life! We believe every child deserves the BEST education available!

Eligibility income limit guidelines

  • Family size of 2—Gross monthly income limit $4,276
  • Family size of 3—Gross montyly income limit $5,283
  • Family size of 4—Gross monthly income limit $6,289
  • Family size of 5—Gross monthly income limit $7,295
  • Family size of 6—Gross monthly income limit $8,301
  • Family size of 7—Gross monthly income limit $8,490
  • Family size of 8—Gross monthly income limit $8,679
  • Family size of 9—Gross monthly income limit $8,867
  • Family size of 10—Gross monthly income limit $9,056

Eligibility criteria to receive Child Care Services (CCS) include:

In order to qualify for financial aid to pay for your child’s daycare services you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Each parent and step-parent, living in the household, must be working, attending school, in training/other educational program, or combination of these, at least an average of 25 hours each week over a four-week period. Household members include those that live in the household: parents, step-parents, adult dependents and a child or other minor living in the household who is the responsibility of the parent.
    • If taxes are not taken out of pay or parent is paid cash—we consider parent to be self-employed.
    • Families who identify as homeless are exempt from this requirement to apply for services.
  2. Meet income guidelines based on gross household income (before taxes) and family size. Types of other household income include, but are not limited to: rental income for a house, homestead, store, or other property; income from boarders/lodgers; income from estate and trust funds, or royalties; pensions, annuities, life insurance, and retirement income, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), workers’ compensation income, alimony, court settlements, or judgements. 
  3. The person applying for services must have primary custody of the child(ren) needing services. If applicant is not the parent of the child needing services, then applicant must provide the following with the application:
    • Reason the parent is not available, and
    • aperwork verifying reason parent is not available, and
    • • Paperwork verifying that applicant is the person responsible for the child.
  4. Families must live within these counties: Anderson, Camp, Cherokee, Gregg, Harrison, Henderson, Marion, Panola, Rains, Rusk, Smith, Upshur, Van Zandt, and Wood.

For more information about financial aid and the requirements, please visit the Workforce Solutions East Texas website.

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