Ages 6 weeks – 17 months

The best care for your child’s early months

We know how important these early months are in your child’s life. We also understand that it’s difficult to leave your baby in someone else’s care.

That’s why we’re committed to giving your child the same loving care and attention you would give your child at home.

We ensure that your child receives constant supervision in a safe environment and that prompt attention is given to your child’s needs.

Teacher qualifications

  • Our teachers are highly qualified, licensed, and receive aminimum of 30 hours of ongoing training each year.
  • All staff members are trained and certified in Pediatric first aid and CPR.
  • All staff members must pass a background check, including fingerprinting through three government databases.
  • Most importantly, all staff members must demonstrate a pattern of living and caring for children that aligns with our mission.

Nurturing and Care

  • Care given by the same caregiver(s)
  • Individual attention given to each child, including playing, talking, cuddling, and holding
  • Prompt attention to physical needs such as feeding and diapering
  • Talking to children as they are held, fed, and changed
  • Ensuring a safe environment and constant supervision
  • Each infant has a supervised nap period to allow the infant to maintain his or her own pattern of sleeping and waking.
  • An individual crib is provided for each non-walking infant and is labeled with the infant’s  name.
  • Caregivers encourage infants to play, socialize, and take steps.

Benefits for your child

  • Children receive consistent, caring attention from loving caregivers.
  • Trained teachers use the Frog Street Curriculum for Infants to encourage learning in each of the developmental domains: language, cognitive, physical, social and emotional, and approaches toward learning.
  • Parents receive a daily report of the child’s sleep, food and drink, diaper changes, activities in which the child participated, and needed supplies through ProCare.
  • Parents can relax, knowing that their child is receiving attentive, loving care while the parents are at work.
  • Parent-Teacher communication through the ProCare app.
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