After School & Summer Care

Ages 5-12

A safe, fun place for after school and summer time!

During the school year, buses deliver children to The Son Rise School from Kilgore ISD, Longview ISD and East Texas Montessori Prep Academy (Longview ISD).  We drive a van to Tatum ISD to pick up school-aged children.

When they arrive at our center, children are served a Simple Supper. Then they have many opportunities for well-rounded fun and enrichment such as outside play time, fun time, homework time, games, arts and crafts, and more.

Summer care

  • During the summer, we plan special activities, events, and field trips for children.
  • We offer a summer-themed curriculum that is fun and exciting and that gives children an opportunity to learn.
  • Children have a quiet time to rest each day. During this time, they can relax while reading a book, listening to calming music, just resting or taking a nap.
  • A daily schedule is posted in each classroom along with the weekly curriculum. The schedule includes designated times each day for inside and/or outside physical activities.
  • Field trips are a special summer activity (for children who have finished kindergarten and older). Children must have permission of parent or guardian to participate in field trips. Parents are notified of upcoming field trips at least a week in advance.
  • We sometimes invite special guests to visit us during summer and school breaks. Guests may include magicians, balloon artists, Child Evangelism, The Story Lady, and others.
  • We also celebrate the holidays with special holiday parties. Parents are welcome to join us for the holiday fun!

Benefits for your child

  • Constant supervision ensures a safe environment for your child.
  • Your child enjoys fun activities with friends.
  • Social and emotional development—Children are guided to value each person equally, to share, take turns, and to cooperate and work together. They are also encouraged to understand and express their emotions appropriately and to interact with teachers in appropriate ways.
  • You can relax and focus on your work when you know that your child is enjoying fun activities in a safe, well-supervised environment.
  • The Son Rise School is conveniently located to serve families in Longview, Kilgore, and Tatum.
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